Customer Engagement and Customization Pays Off in More F&I Sales – Dealer Profile

Today’s tech-savvy customers are looking for more control and personalized interaction during the in-store vehicle buying process, while dealers are looking to engage and learn more about the individual customer to help deliver the most appropriate F&I packages for that customer. With innovative electronic menu technology for mobile devices, such as the iPad, dealers are interacting better with the buyer in the showroom, resulting in more F&I products-per-deal-sold.

For example, the combination of putting the customer in control of the presentation and using the iPad data to customize presentations is resulting in more upsell opportunities and more impressive F&I sales for Audi of North Shore in Wisconsin. The dealership’s products-per-deal-sold soared from less than 0.90 to 1.38 in the first few months of use Dealertrack’s eMenu for iPad.

Unlike a traditional paper menu, eMenu for iPad is an engaging presentation tool that put the customer in control. The customer decides what products to view, how much detail they want and what to skip. “I definitely think that sense of control contributes to greater sales,” said Audi of North Shore’s Finance Manager Andy Schmitt.

Schmitt also attributes greater sales to customized presentations.  First, he pre-loads the iPad with a customer’s vehicle model and color. “The customer loves seeing their car on there,” he said. “I think that improves sales because they get that ownership feel.” Next, he tailors his packages to the specific customer….It’s easy to do and unlike a paper menu, it always looks professional.”

Please let us know how your dealership is improving your F&I sales through the use of technology.

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