Destination: Success – Be Ready for New Market Opportunities

The events of the past year have changed and challenged the automotive industry. In the course of one year, you went through more change than the last ten. While fighting margin compression was a major issue, now your business contends with optimizing cash flow and inventory. Service lanes are providing zero-contact options and digital payments to ensure safety for staff and customers. And the relationships you’re building have never been more critical. You’ve come a long way. At this guidepost on your Drive to Success, take a moment to reflect on how much work you’ve done to get this far.

Margin Compression Solutions

Your dealership has focused on the move to digital. But a familiar foe is lurking just around the corner. Margin compression tends to follow periods of economic slowdown. Here are tips from the pros to prepare for its inevitable return.

Service Lane Optimization

The reworking of your service lane has been extraordinary. The good news? Your customers really love the changes you’re making to improve the service lane experience. Don’t take your foot off the gas.


Lifelong Customers

Is it really possible to grow your customer base and build customers for life using digital tools and resources? All signs point to YES. Learn how top dealers are doing it.

Brand Advocacy

Having happy, vocal brand advocates tell everyone how great your dealership is does wonders for your business. And now that your digital dealership is functioning online and offering virtual services like never before, you’re in prime position to make it happen.

New market opportunities appeared this year. They’ve changed the way people buy, sell, and service their cars. And, there’s no going back. You have the unique opportunity to master market opportunities and Drive to Success in 2021.

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