Digital Dealer 21 Preview: Digital Retailing Delivers for Modern Car Shoppers

By now you probably know about the value of digital retailing. About how it connects the online research and sales environment of your website to the sales experience inside your showroom, making the process seamless, efficient, and credible with buyers.

But if you’re not sure – if you’re wondering how this type of technology can help – consider the findings from last year’s Autotrader Car Buyer of the Future Study: “Consumers want to structure deals online before arriving at the dealership. Fifty-six percent like to start the negotiation on their terms, and 45% like being anonymous to the dealer until they lock in a deal.” The study, built on feedback from more than 4,000 consumers, found that consumers want greater digital involvement in the process, across multiple types of devices. It also found that car buying is less about “eCommerce” and more about “Connection Commerce,” through digital retailing tools like MakeMyDeal. These tools enable online discussion on the vehicle details page (VDP), and give consumers the platform they need to create a trusted and authentic buying experience. As a result, they share legitimate intentions which a salesperson can use to craft a fair deal for all. In today’s increasingly competitive sales landscape, that makes digital retailing a crucial part of providing a customer-centric and interactive experience.

Digital Dealer 21 Session Shows You How

At this month’s Digital Dealer 21 in Las Vegas, Cox Automotive’s Mike Burgiss will go into detail about how digital retailing has become such a transformative part of the buying process. Scheduled for Monday, August 8 at 1:30 in room 121, his session will cover how you can create that Connection Commerce environment, as well as a digital deal-making strategy that builds consumer trust, deepens shopper engagement, and accelerates purchase decisions. Attendees can expect to learn how to:

  • Allow consumers to feel in control of the buying process and engage on your website by providing the ability to start deals.
  • Deliver the seamless online buying experience shoppers expect by connecting the digital and in-store environments, and saving them time in the showroom.
  • Differentiate your dealership with a personalized digital shopping experience that builds trust and deepens engagement. 

Make a note to attend next week’s session on opening day, and see first-hand how technology is evolving the car buying experience to keep pace with customer preferences – and how you can take advantage.  

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