Drive to Success: Brand Loyalty and the Power of Being Purpose-driven

Think back to your very first car. Your first set of wheels may not have been pretty, but what it represented was much more powerful. What story did it tell about you? How did it make you feel? Now, think about the buyers you’re trying to reach: young and old, different demographics, different income levels, personalities. Everyone is searching for more than “just a car” at your dealership. And your dealership’s brand represents more than just a car store. You’re selling a “brand.” By building a brand that represents your values—unique to your purpose and what you stand for—you’re telling a story and an experience. Discover the importance of brand loyalty and the alignment of purpose can be for your business and the future success of your career.

1 – Importance of Brand Consistency: 7 Key Approaches for Keeping Aligned

ClearVoice: When your dealership develops its brand messaging, you’re also building trust with your customers. The less consistent your message, the less loyal your future customer base will likely be.

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2 – Building Long-Term Brand Loyalty

Spectrio: Long-term loyal brand advocates are extremely valuable to your dealership. Just how valuable? According to one study, they’re worth up to ten times the value of their first purchase!

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3 – From Me to We: The Rise of the Purpose-led Brand

Accenture: If your dealership’s brand purpose doesn’t align with the beliefs of your customers’, you can expect one in five to walk away, forever. And nearly half of them are likely to go public (via social media) to let their friends and followers hear about it.

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4 – The Essential Framework All Branding Strategies Must Include for Success

EveryoneSocial: Full. Transparency. One survey found up to 94% of consumers are likely to be loyal if your brand has it. Wowza!

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5 – The Power Of Purpose: How Marmalade Helps Brands Grow By Creating Positive Impact

Forbes: When brands care about the things their customers care about, they stay loyal. What does your dealership stand for?

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