Drive to Success: Dealership Technology Impacts More Than Profits

The technology that drives the automotive retail industry from start to finish varies wildly, from online shopping apps to point-of-sale systems, and all the way to online data and customer retention tools. All of these technologies are designed to enhance the experience and increase profits, but if they aren’t optimizing the customer experience, all that fancy technology will only serve to show your dwindling sales as they disappear.

1 – Car Dealerships Can Speed Up Vehicle Titling and Registering

Wards Auto: Dealerships looking to fight margin compression need to take a hard look at their back office technology where, often, hard costs are lost in inefficient work processes and lost opportunities. Could your technology be to blame?

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2 – How AI Could Help Small Businesses

Harvard Business Review: All small businesses are unique, and data insights are often hard to uncover. But the big promise of artificial intelligence is that both of these universal truths will become more easily solved. At least that’s the idea.

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3 – How Digital Transformation is Driving Customer Experience

SuperOffice: “Digital Transformation” may sound like a catchy buzzword that startups throw around or pin up on their exposed brick walls for inspiration (#techlife), but the underlying truth is that change is here. And it’s driven by a fast-changing consumer demand you’ll either accomodate or miss terribly.

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4 – 40 Stats On Digital Transformation And Customer Experience

Forbes: 85% of experts theorize that you have less than two years to create the path to digital transformation at your business—or else. This means your direct vision for the imminent future needs to have a strategy that includes more compelling, convenient, and (most important) digital options for your customers. How much progress have you made?

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5 – How Your Marketing Stack Affects Customer Experience

CMS Wire: The technology driving your business today should make your job easier. But, it also needs to enhance the customer experience. If different pieces of the buying journey are built from multiple processes, and across varying legacy platforms, the end result is usually not a happy one.

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