Drive to Success: Impress Your Customers with an Improved F&I Process

The bad news about most of the F&I process at many dealerships is that, generally speaking, it stinks. The good news? It’s your best chance to wow your customers when it doesn’t. And now, with more and more of the financing optimized with online capabilities like Dealertrack’s UniFI, what was once a slow wait in your showroom can be taken care of ahead of time. But that’s not all your dealership can do to improve. Process, sales hand-off, hiring the best fit for the role…what can your dealership do to put customers behind the wheel faster? Read on:

1 – Perfecting The Sales-F&I Handoff

Automotive News: A bad handoff between sales and the F&I department can sour your dealership’s online reviews, anger customers, and even result in a lost sale. This delicate play is often overlooked at most dealerships—and it really shouldn’t be.

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2 – Profit Key for 2019: Closer Bond Between F&I and Service Drive

Auto Finance News: If your service and sales teams aren’t working shoulder-to-shoulder during the finance portion of the deal, you’re missing out. Having a solid strategy in place serves one main goal: fostering customer retention.

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3 – Car Dealership Customers Self-Sell – and They’re Good at It

Wards Auto: Discover what happens when the least transparent department in the dealership pulls the curtains back and lets the customer have access to the F&I details.

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4 – How Your Process Can Make or Break You

CBT News: It all comes down to process in your F&I department. Watch the video and see if yours could use a tune-up.

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5 – Ethics And F&I Compliance Go Hand In Hand

Auto Finance News: Do you know the seven deadly sins of F&I? Make sure your culture is driven by solid ethics.

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Check back next week for more Drive to Success.


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