Drive to Success: Improve your Digital Retail Strategy in 2019

It’s time for an upgrade. And, no, you can’t put this off any longer. Your auto dealership’s future success depends on your digital retail strategy. Specifically, how you plan to interact with future car buyers online, in advertising, your web experience, and your ability to meet their needs and improve every step of the sales and service process. Think you’re up for the challenge? Good. Here are some great resources for getting started:

1 – Digital Marketing in Automotive Industry: The Ultimate Guide

DigitalnDigital: Marketing your dealership’s brand and products is both cost-effective and critically important in today’s market. Consumers are spending 70% of the buying process researching their next purchase online, before they walk into your dealership, after all.

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2 – Digital Retail Trends to Implement at Your Dealership in 2019

CBT News: You’re aware that digital retailing is important. But, what’s your strategy for keeping up with the constant changes taking place in order to remain compliant and relevant? Watch this interview (or read the transcript) with Andy MacLeay, director of digital marketing for to learn how to keep up.

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3 – Five Digital Retailing Mistakes Car Dealers Should Avoid

Wards Auto: Automotive customers aren’t just using online resources to determine where to buy their next car. They’re discovering where not to buy. That might make your dealership nervous (and it should), but you can overcome this hurdle.

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4 – Social Media Strategies for Automotive Digital Marketing

Ad Avenue: Thinking of using social as part of your digital retailing strategy? Don’t just dive in head first! Discover how to enhance your car dealer visibility and reach on social media—because it really makes a difference—with tips from the experts.

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5 – The Auto Dealer’s Guide To Moving Metal In A Digital World

Think With Google: The information car buyers use to determine their next car purchase can do more than help them choose which make and model to buy. It should help drive them to your dealership. Here’s how.

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