Drive to Success: Lead Your Auto Dealership To Success With Change Management Tips

Change happens. And, it’s happening faster and more often thanks to the demands of customers, the innovations of competitors, and the rate of technology disruption. Your automotive dealership is no stranger to it, and generally rolls with the punches. But, the practice of change management with the installation of new systems and technology is still important. Fine-tuning leaderships’ skills and paying attention to the way everyone is impacted is just one (of many) steps. Read on:

1 – What Leaders Can Do to Prepare for Disruption

Gallup: There’s nothing new about disruption. A well-planned strategy to master change at your company can become a cultural strength and be used to your advantage in the long-run.

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2 – Overcoming Employee Resistance To Change In The Workplace

Paycor: When managers are simply the messengers of change, resistance to new technology is bound to occur. It takes more communication—in both directions, and earlier—to ensure better change management.

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3 – Intention Is the Third Stage in Change Management

The Balance Careers: You’ve probably put a lot of thought into making the decision to change technologies at your business. But the real work is just about to begin! Check out these specific steps and tips for rolling out a big shift before you impact every team member.

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4 – Managing Organizational Change

Inc: People cling to the familiar and the status quo, so some resistance to change is generally normal. With a clear vision of the future you hope to see, communication, and strong leadership, change management can help even the most resistant to eventually overcome their fears.

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5 – 10 Principles for Modernizing Your Company’s Technology

Strategy Business: The fast-pace of change is making technology modernization the new normal. But some things never change, such as the need for maintaining your values. Before you make the switch, align your goals to your values and then go from there.

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