Drive to Success: Managing the Human-side of Change

Change is coming. Don’t Panic! No, really. When employees hear about change—organizational, strategic, or even technology-driven—the basic uncertainties that accompany change can cause real fear and anxiety. As a General Manager or Dealer Principal Owner of an auto dealership, your role isn’t simply to manage the transition of said change. Your role is also to manage the human-side of change management. Moving fast and “breaking things” doesn’t always work out, historically, and good leaders arrive with winning teams intact. Here’s how:

1 – Digital Doesn’t Have to Be Disruptive

Harvard Business Review: The idea of “digital disruption” simple means that your organization is ready-set to adapt its strategy and structure to capture opportunities enabled by digital technology. It shouldn’t scare leadership, your staff, or anyone in between. But it does mean everyone’s mindset needs to shift and start thinking about technology beyond the IT department. Are you ready?

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2 – 7 Change-management Practices Talent Acquisition Can Use for Better HR Tech Outcomes

ERE: Change will, inevitably, cause stress and uncertainty. Here’s how you, as a manager, must establish clear goals, roles, and data-driven responsibilities to keep everyone calm and happy.

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3 – Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

ZenDesk: Rolling out a new technology or organizational change within your dealership can be scary. But, it’s not as scary as doing so without a formal plan, strategy, or an end-goal in plain sight. Make sure you and everyone on the team is well-prepared so that success can be measured along the way.

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4 – Overcoming Employee Resistance To Change In The Workplace

Paycor: Change isn’t always good. But, it is a necessary constant if your dealership is going to keep up with the demands of today’s car buyer. It’s up to you to manage change effectively and overcome your employees’ resistance to new technology. But beware: poor management of change is the main reason your team is resisting the new and hanging onto the old status quo.

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5 – The Role of Technology in Change Management

CMS Wire: Technology changes fast; you know this. But that doesn’t mean your salespeople, parts and service department, or even car-buyers will keep up. Managing technology change is one thing, but change management of people and personnel is human.

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