Drive to Success: New Trends in Digital Retailing

It’s no secret: car buyers are shopping online. Unless you’ve been ignoring the news (for the past 10 years), and missed the trends in digital retailing, you’ve seen a major shift in the way people buy, use, and shop for autos. The exciting news for 2020, however, shows consumers are beginning to shift again. Brick-and-mortar stores are moving online while digitally native brands are appearing in-person. Shopping is all about “customer experience,” and you have the opportunity to do something completely different…if you’re up for it. Read more:

1 – What’s in Store for Digital Retailing in 2020?

Auto News: Technology is making it easier for people to make a purchase without ever visiting a store and there’s no going back. Dealers need to prepare for this inevitability.

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2 – Offers are Options: Here’s How Digital Retailing Helps You Get to the Final Deal

Cox Automotive: Transparency in the buying process (particularly online) can help reduce the friction between you and your buyer. Helping buyers build a transparent picture of the offer available to them, before they walk in your building, should provide better understanding.

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3 – 15 Innovative Retail Trends to Watch in 2020

Publisher Bold: Pop-up shops, Augmented Reality, Social Shopping…are you keeping up with the latest retail trends?

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4 – The Future of Retail 2020: 10 Trends that Will Shape the Year Ahead

eMarketer: The future of retail is shifting faster than ever. Who is positioned to benefit and who will likely fail?

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5 – 8 Ways Small Dealers Can Compete With Big Franchises

F&I Showroom: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know the majority of car shoppers are spending their time looking for a car online—not in your store. This is actually good news for smaller auto dealers who are willing to build a strong digital retail strategy.

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