Drive to Success: Technology Change is All in Your head. (In a Good Way.)

Is your automotive dealership considering a change to your technology stack? Shifting customer needs are causing general managers, controllers, and owners to rethink their software systems. But dealers have a lot to consider. After all, upgrading your technology means updating your entire mindset. When dealers adapt to the changing norm of new buyers, new management styles, and the “digital transformation” impacting modern dealerships, there are many factors to consider. Read more:

1 – Innovation’s Changing Mindset: Where Are You?

Forbes: It’s very easy to get distracted by the shiny promise of technology’s new offerings when considering new platforms and systems designed to “revolutionize” your business. However, the real change, so-to-speak, is taking place within the mindset of business leaders, your consumers, and your ability to drive a team of players focused on the same goal.

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2 – Sometimes Technology Is the Problem

Inc: The myth that employees falling behind at work simply refuse to adapt to new technology trends is simply that: a myth. If your technology isn’t intuitive, easy-to-learn, and well-designed enough not to cause a panic in the office, then it really isn’t worth the hassle. Software designers who study how people work are skilled enough to build programs that integrate into daily work-life, after all, and not the other way around.

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3 – Better Communication Tools Can Radically Improve Workplaces—If Managers Can Convince Workers to Speak Up

Fortune: Do you know the actual cost of disconnection? While as many as 90% of managers feel they have an open-door policy to receive feedback, less than half of employees surveyed agree. Can technology tools bridge the gap?

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4 – What is digital transformation? A necessary disruption

CIO: Digital transformation is shifting the way businesses use people, platforms, and policies to impact performance. While the term has become ubiquitous (and extremely overused), changes in customer expectations require nothing less than a complete, well, disruption.

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5 – Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

Management Is A Journey: A big change within your organization comes at a cost. Are you ready? Have you considered the impacts of moving forward without being prepared? Introducing change with a solid plan will significantly increase the potential for success. Here’s how.

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