Drive to Success: The Mobility Revolution is Here…

What does Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) mean? For one, it means that the way people move from point-A to point-B is no longer just big business for the auto industry. Opportunity lurks in plain sight for innovative developers, data-sharing visionaries, and anyone who wants to redefine the way people buy and use transportation. In short, a revolution has begun and it’s anyone’s guess as to whom will capture a share of the emerging job market as everything faces potential disruption. Sound dramatic? We think it’s exciting! Read more:

1 – 5 MaaS Trends To Look Out For In 2019

SKEDGO: Large-scale investments and partnerships, an emerging infrastructure designed to make inner-city transit more enjoyable, and open, shared data from all players is building the new mobility market. Here are the key trends making the biggest difference for everyone involved.

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2 – New Index Shows Urban Growth Is Inextricably Tied To Future Mobility Innovation

Forbes: The mobility revolution is coming. Now, thanks to the Future Mobility Competitive Index, cities can anticipate how prepared they are to benefit financially from what’s to come. Is your city agile enough to capture part of the market?

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3 – Los Angeles’ Mobility Data Specification Unlocks Potential For Data Management

Smart Cities Dive: Those dockless bikes and scooter are doing more than helping city dwellers get around downtown. In Los Angeles, for example, they’re part of a year-long study collecting data on Mobility-as-a-Service. This data management model is extremely valuable to businesses, and (good news) extremely easy to duplicate.

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4 – The Road To Seamless Urban Mobility

McKinsey: Chances are, no matter where you live, traffic is getting worse, not better. And while innovations like autonomous vehicles are promising, urban areas have yet to see a change in the same issues that have always been a problem. Here are three potential scenarios for a brighter, more mobile, future.

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5 – Top Five Technology Trends To Transform Mobility In 2019

Intelligent Transport: Change happens fast. Here are five trends that could create a real impact on transportation this year. From curbside management, to more inclusivity, to an ever-increasing emphasis on data sharing, the way people move from point-A to all-points-in-between is suddenly big, big business.

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