Drive to Success: Training is the key to retention

Hiring and training employees is important in any industry. But in the auto sales industry, where retention is low and turnover is high, focused training programs that teach new hires the ins and outs of the industry and dealership-life are imperative. They also lead to a more consistent and efficient sales experience for the customer and help lighten the load of already busy managers.

1 – Dealership Hires Newbies, Then Comes the Training

Automotive News: Some dealerships steer clear of hiring employees with experience in the industry. Instead, they prefer to hire real estate agents, waiters, and even stock brokers because they’re more teachable than many industry veterans. By training new employees the right way, these dealerships can also promote from within, developing entry level employees to become eventual managers.

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2 – 5 Hiring and HR Tips to Keep in Mind After a Dealership Acquisition

Hireology: Training should be initiated right away to provide new hires with an overview of the dealership and industry. This includes equipping new employees with the tools to perform everyday tasks related to technology and operational processes. But effective training doesn’t stop there. It should be a regular part of every staff member’s employment experience with frequent goal-setting and follow-through.

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3 – Win the War for Dealership Talent

Auto Dealer Today: Unemployment is at an all time low, which means business owners need to focus more on retention to avoid the high cost of turnover. And those costs are skyrocketing! A 2016 study found the annual cost per dealership averaging close to $439,000. Equipping your pros with training and tools that advance their skills is an investment in your dealership’s future.

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4 – NADA Introduces Professional Series Training for Dealership Management

CBT Automotive Network: Sometimes the best place to find employees is right at the dealership. NADA has launched a training program with the goal of helping existing dealership employees take the next step in their career goals toward becoming managers.

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5 – Sales Training: An Investment Not a Cost

Dealer Marketing: Providing proper training, including guest speakers, appropriate praise, side-by-side sales training, and facilitating better communication among team members, can help a dealership’s sales staff to feel more empowered and valued within their organization. Other effective training strategies include behavioral observations, skill assessments, and targeted coaching.

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