Drive to Success: Women Car Buyers

Women have more purchasing power in the dealership than ever before. Make sure your sales teams understand how to develop trust and respect with female customers to earn their purchases.


1- What Does Your Website Say to Your Female Customers?

Digital Dealer: We know that a dealership’s website is the #1 digital resource used by women when shopping for a car. Yet, 76% of women rate their dealer’s website with 3 out of 5 stars. This means that women want their dealers’ website to deliver much more.

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2- 5 Ways Dealerships Can Reach the Decision Maker: Women

MaxDigital: Female buyers made up an estimated $445 billion of new car sales in 2017 alone. With women now buying 4.5 out of every 10 vehicles, the average dealership is selling 819 total new and used vehicles annually to this audience.

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3- Selling to Women: Cars Aren’t Power Tools

Digital Dealer: When women car buyers are asked their reasons for purchasing (or not purchasing) at a particular dealership, price is the #2 factor.  The top reason for purchasing at the dealership is a positive perception of the sales associate and their level of service.

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4- Seven Things to Consider When Selling to Women Decision-Makers

Forbes: Women often like a collaborative decision-making process and find consensus-building important. Their tendency is to be more inquisitive than men, wanting to hear everyone’s thoughts before making a decision.

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5- How Can You Increase Your Sales to Women? According to the NADA, new vehicle revenue in 2016 was $995 billion, and sales to women accounted for $445 billion of that revenue at new car dealerships. With women buying 4.5 of every 10 cars, how can you increase your sales to women by 7% to 10%?

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Check back next week for Drive to Success: Hiring Female Employees. You’ll learn more about hiring and retaining women staff members.


Drive to Success is a weekly series capturing the most influential articles, tips, and tricks from industry experts and publications to help drive your dealership to success. Each week will focus on a specific key topic in the automotive industry.


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