How a Lease-heavy Mercedes Store in Florida Reaps Big F&I Bucks

Congratulations to Scott Cooper, F&I Director from Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables. In his recent interview with Automotive News, Scott shared some amazing results related to F&I revenue per-vehicle retailed (PVR). You have to check this out if your dealership is looking to increase your overall F&I profits!

We are proud to say that Scott and his team have been using Dealertrack’s new eMenu on an iPad to help drive his results!

Check out the one section of the interview below:

How’s business since you started using iPads?
Our PVR – F&I revenue per-vehicle retailed – went up by about 16 to 20 percent in the first full month we used it, which was June. And we are right on the edge of two products per contract, which is one of our goals for this year. Another goal for the year was to exceed $2,000 per contract. Last month, we finished at $2,029, so we made that goal. And we had something like 1.98 products per contract; so you can see, we’re just about there, too.

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