Increasing Leads One Chat at a Time

As some of you know, we just launched our Managed SmartChat on the open market, making it available to clients who are not currently using our inventory management or website solutions. Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to discuss chat with a few dealers not currently using the eCarList platform. When we started this program a few years ago, the question I got most was, “Do chat leads take away from my other leads?” We (along with a few other companies) set out on various case studies to answer this question accurately. The study covered dealerships that managed their own chat, then switched to our service. We also compared dealerships without chat against their own numbers after turning on our chat team. Not to bore you with a bunch of statistics, but overwhelmingly leads went up. Way up.

So we know that adding a 24/7 Live Web Concierge is going to get you more leads, and in a lot of cases, double what you already had. Some of the statements I’m hearing are from guys that had chat on their site but just weren’t happy with it. The more I pry, the more I hear that they were staffing the chat themselves and the leads weren’t that great. The obvious thing they weren’t looking at was their own stats. They probably didn’t see the amount of missed chats vs. good chats. They probably didn’t delve into the chat transcripts. If so, they would have seen their over-zealous sales guy was on the case. He probably beat up the visitor while trying to close on the car right then and there. Let’s be real. If you’re running a larger dealership, you typically have a nice receptionist that puts out a pleasant first impression to your visitors. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your website?

I’ve seen so many dealerships that spend hundreds of dollars each month on popups, unders, and floating boxes to create leads. A lot of money spent each month that in reality turns away a lot of your customers. Sure, you may get a sale here and there from a “die hard” brand loyalist that you had anyway, but really think about it. Why do it? How do you feel when you go to a website and stuff is jumping out at you from all angles? Not good. In most cases, the money you spend on all that junk could easily be allocated to our low cost Managed SmartChat™. The leads you’ll get from chat will far outweigh the number of customers coming in because of a coupon for $500 off MSRP. Managed chat leads are live 1-on-1 interactions with your customers. These leads typically contain all their contact info, the vehicle they are looking at, full trade info, and most importantly the mood of the customer.

Call us today and let’s chat about chat.


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