Topic 4
Topic 4

Data Safeguards and Identity Theft Protection

Dealerships need to protect customer information against data breaches and theft and protect themselves by verifying each customer’s identity.


Know the risks and safeguards

Did you know?

Identity theft and data breaches affect millions of consumers each year. Don’t let them happen at your dealership.


Compliance Tip

An alternative to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is to supply your employees with corporate-owned and issued devices, which gives employers the greatest degree of control and access over the business-related data that is stored on the device.

Watch List for 2021

In March 2019, the FTC proposed strengthened provisions for the FTC Safeguards Rule. The FTC has not issued final guidance on the amendments to the FTC Rule, but we advise that you stay up to date on any potential changes in the law by consulting your counsel.

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