Darwin Partnership

See how you can earn more with Dealertrack F&I and Darwin Menu.

Grow F&I profitability with the richest menu in the industry

Darwin Menu helps you increase sales on your F&I products with an easy-to-use menu that helps you:
  • Create a consistent and flexible menu selling approach with 1 or 4 columns

  • Ditch the paper menu and engage car buyers on any device

  • Send an interactive presentation to customers – wherever they are

See what sets Darwin apart from the rest

Compare Menu Solutions Darwin Other Menu Providers
Customize the selling experience based on each customer’s buying history for a more effective and engaging presentation.
Real-time DMS integrations give you the ability to calculate accurate payments to the penny and help ensure complete payment transparency for the consumer.
Total flexibility to customize menus for different selling styles and device types.
DMS Integrations available 16 10
F&I product providers 152 100
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