Get Compliance Old

There’s a lot to keep up with. We can help you stay on track

Dealertrack Compliance integrates compliance checkpoints and monitoring throughout the entire deal process, helping you to balance the risks you face every day — from fraud, to audits, to fines.


Common Missteps

It’s easy to lose sight of your compliance obligation. Here are three main concerns:

  • Sending Adverse Action Notices
  • Checking Red Flags & OFAC Rules
  • Securing deal documents and records
…it gets hard to manage compliance on your own.

How much are you at risk?

Missed compliance steps can be costly to your dealership’s bottom line and reputation. Dealerships can face up to $42,530 in fines for a violation.

Don't turn your back to compliance

No one wants to talk about compliance – but it’s crucial for your dealership’s health and future

Take charge of your compliance

Dealertrack Compliance helps keep your deals protected – from leads to contracts.
  • Integrated compliance checkpoints throughout the deal in one online deal jacket.
  • Verify customer identity with integrated OFAC and Red Flag alerts – with no transaction fees.
  • Real-time proactive alerts help identify skipped actions and prompt you when disclosure notices should be provided.
  • Automate adverse action notices and have us mail them on your behalf*.
  • Ensure deal compliance every time with a digital, interactive checklist.
  • Monitor deal activity with easy-to-use reports and dashboards.
  • Long-term document storage enables you to access all customer and deal data – for up to 10 years.
*Additional fee for mailing service

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