Faster payoff and title release with less process.
Reduce unnecessary call center burdens and create an electronic payoff and title release process that really pays off.


Receive requests directly through Dealertrack and provide a precise payoff amount to dealers.

Total Loss (Coming Soon)

Bridge the gap between insurers and lenders to expedite title release in total loss scenarios.

Refinancing (Coming Soon)

Streamline the exchange of payoff and title between lenders.

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Accelerated Title

Streamline the vehicle payoff process

Speed vehicle payoff and title release to as fast as 4-6 days* by turning a traditionally manual process electronic. Easy to implement, even easier to use.

*Based on Dealertrack internal data

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Financed titles managed and held in our vaults

*2019 Dealertrack Internal Data


Lenders partners.

Participating Lenders

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Total loss
(Coming Soon)

Total loss doesn't have to be a total pain

We think the 45-90 day process for total loss title claims is too long. So we did something about it.

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(Coming Soon)

Shorten the distance between lenders

Choose the most direct path between payoff and title delivery when vehicles are refinanced.

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How Much Can You Save?

Wondering how much the traditional payoff and title release process hits your bottom line? Use our online calculator tool to estimate your potential ROI.

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Improve compliance and refund accuracy of aftermarket F&I product cancellations.

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