Improve Your Operations and Bottom Line

Dealertrack DMS helps you modernize your operations, improve efficiency and provide a better line of sight into dealership decision-making.

How Much Is Your DMS Really Costing You?

Sneaky integration fees from third-party vendors may be hiding in plain sight. Research shows dealers on average use nearly 7 systems to complete a transaction1 — and their fees add up. Your current DMS might cost you as much as $42,000 a year.2

Still, the wrong DMS can cost you more than just money. A lack of connectivity and integrations results in a general lack of efficiency in your current DMS, which can lead to a poor customer experience.

1. 2017 Cox Automotive Community Poll (small base)

2. Avg. $500/month x 7 third-party apps x 12 months = $42,000/year

Minimize costs. Maximize efficiency.

Dealertrack DMS is the end-to-end software solution that streamlines operations.

Finding efficiencies in internal operations is more important than ever. Dealertrack DMS is the easiest-to-use management 

solution in the business. Find new ways to cut costs in financials, HR and compliance to be more profitable overall.

Transform Your Dealership with a DMS Partner Invested in Your Success.

Accomplish more with the right DMS partner:

Data-driven Decisions

Reliable, real-time data at a glance helps you make better business decisions with smarter insights.

Lower Costs

Scale your budget with right-sized pricing, lower integration fees and no long-term contracting.

Enhanced Efficiency

Intelligent software with the option to integrate with third parties means less repetitive data entry, no more “back and forth” and reduced risk of errors.

Partnership Built for Success

Highly skilled Performance Management professionals provide the strategy and leadership to help you get the most from your solution and your sales team.


With the #1 easiest-to-use DMS at their fingertips, new hires reach full productivity faster and employees take advantage of its powerful capabilities.

The Right Data, Right Now

With drill-down reporting, real-time data, and remote access, you’ll get the insights you need — when you need them — to make the best decisions for your business. We don’t hold your data hostage. In fact, we help you discover the insights you need to make smarter business decisions with analytics tools and strategic integrations.

Smooth and Efficient

Our open platform allows for both third-party integrations and a smooth implementation when making the move to a new DMS. Your new DMS pairs easily with the vendors of your choice, reducing costly integration fees other providers charge.


When your Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations are all in sync, you win.

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more leads per month

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more monthly revenue

Your digital solutions should be more than the sum of their parts. Backed by Cox Automotive data, Dealertrack DMS is part of the connected set of solutions that delivers elevated profits, next-level consumer experiences, and efficient workflows across all departments. 

These Dealers Are Already Saving Money and Working More Efficiently. You Can Too.

Was Your DMS Built for the Digital Age?

This guide will explain the benefits of a modern DMS over older, legacy dealer-management systems.

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It’s time the technology at the center of your dealership serves as a catalyst for success.
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