Bye-bye Fax!

Hello pure paperless efficiency.

Why Digital Contracting?

Miscalculations. Missed Signatures. Overnight paper and faxes. These are the obstacles that create more time and effort on your part to process auto loans. Digital Contracting on Dealertrack uniFI® streamlines the entire workflow between you and your dealers to eliminate them all.

Pure Paperless Efficiency

When we say pure paperless, we mean it: Your dealers’ entire funding package data can flow directly into your LOS for real-time approval.

Here are other great efficiencies that start with them – to benefit you:

  • The funding checklist builds in real-time while the dealer is finalizing the contract
  • Inline data validation ensures accuracy
  • Assisted Remote Signing provides dealers the much needed flexibility and security for customers to sign final contract documents at home
  • Missed signatures and deal structure errors are flagged to fix before submission, reducing the #1 cause of recontracting

Live Funding Checklist

Digital up-to-date list of Lender required documents at your fingertips!

Real-Time Error Display

Catch mistakes early with built-in verification alerts as you enter data.

Snap & Upload

Easily snap and upload stips and trailing documents with your tablet*.
*Compatible with most 9" or larger devices, including iPads®, Androids and touchscreen tablets. Not all device types supported.

Build a fast-funding reputation - and your dealer relationships

Receive complete, accurate funding packages from dealers the first time—every time.

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Build a fast-funding reputation - and your dealer relationships

Dealers are eager to trade paper contracting for a more customer-friendly, error-free deal-making process that enables you to fund them faster.

Did you know:

Top 3

Fast funding is a reason dealers choose a lender partner


Franchise dealers eContracting


Will adopt when their lenders participate
*Source: 2018 Dealertrack Lender Study

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