Liechty Automotive Group Uses Dealertrack Solutions to Improve Customer Experience and Cash Flow

7 rooftops / Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Michigan / KIA, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram

With a growth strategy that includes builds and acquisitions, Liechty Automotive Group has found that digital solutions allow for consistent processes at every store to help speed financing, provide a better signing experience for customers, ensure compliance, and secure trade-in titles more quickly for faster inventory turn.


Funding for contracts

5-7 Days

~24 Hrs

Money in the bank faster!

Deal processing volume

170 Deals

Per month Max.

~200 Deals

15% more deals with a more efficient F&I process

Payoff and Titling Release

30 +Days

For some lenders

~7Days or faster

Helps with faster resale



Improved cash flow

Digital Contracting

Digital Contracting ensures that contract amounts balance and all fields are complete before submission to the lender, to help get money in the bank faster.

Accelerated Title

Getting titles released faster keeps the dealerships ready for audit and allows them to resell the cars and turn inventory more quickly.

Working with customers anytime, anywhere

Remote Signing

Remote signing helps facilitate off-site delivery for rural customers by letting them securely sign on their schedule with a conveniently emailed link.

Ensuring deal compliance

F&I Compliance

Integrated compliance tools help ensure that the right steps are followed for every deal. The dealer group uses the real-time dashboard and enterprise reporting to perform internal audits daily.

Liechty Automotive Group

There are other platforms that have some great tools, but you’ve gotta have a lot of money to get involved with them and they’re still not as robust as Dealertrack.

Jonathan Bowling
Variable Operations Director

Liechty Automotive Group gains speed, consistency with Dealertrack solutions

When Liechty Automotive Group owner Jesse Liechty first proposed Digital Contracting to the group’s variable operations director Jonathan Bowling, he had some hesitation.

Jonathan Bowling

Operations Director

Responsible for leading corporate staff and managing the group’s systems and processes across all the stores, Bowling was comfortable with the manual contracting system he was used to. But he quickly saw the value. “Once I got on with it, it just became second nature,” Bowling says. “You just figure out a process and put it into play.”

Faster funding helped seal the deal for him. “We started seeing that pickup in funding. With Digital Contracting, you automatically get an error message if your contract isn’t balanced on the front end just right. And to me that was very helpful because it cut down on a lot of that double- and triple-checking before you signed the customer up. And it just sped things up in finance.”

Integration between Dealertrack solutions makes their processes even faster. Bowling says, “Dealertrack DMS’s Opentrack platform for me is a huge game changer because you can integrate with almost anybody in the market, no matter what tool you want to use.”

Integration between Dealertrack DMS and Dealertrack Digital Contracting allows the dealerships to populate their digital contracts more quickly, cut down on re-keying, and allow all forms to be signed in a single signing ceremony.

Dealertrack’s digital signing options are welcomed by customers. According to Bowling, “Most of our customers love it because you only have to sign your name a handful of times rather than signing a hundred times. Especially with our elderly customers, because they’re able to hold the tablet and actually zoom in and make those words bigger where they can read them. And that’s a huge benefit for them.”

Especially for their more rural customers, remote signing helps enable off-site delivery. It allows the dealership to email a secure link with multi-factor authorization so the customer can sign on their own time rather than having to schedule a guided signing session with a dealer in the middle of the workday.

Another Dealertrack tool the group finds useful is Accelerated Title for trade-in payoff and title release. Bowling particularly appreciates the ACH payoffs, saying, “Being able to know that the ACH is going to go through, we don’t have to worry about the address or account numbers or anything.”

He also cites state regulations that require a dealership to have a title on hand before listing a trade-in vehicle for resale or risk fines. “The faster you get the titles, the faster you can resell the cars and turn inventory and that’s what it’s all about right now,” he says.

Using Dealertrack solutions has helped the dealer group increase their efficiency to the point where they have the capacity to handle more deals than before while ensuring accuracy, compliance and speed.

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