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Enhanced Compliance Storage

Safeguard your dealership from fraud, fines, and audits by securely storing all deal documents in one place.

Secure Document Storage is Crucial to Your Business

Dead Deals

Protect your dealership by storing a record of credit pulls, applications and permissible purpose for deals that don’t go through.




Buyers are purchasing F&I products. How are you storing those deal documents?

2022 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey.

Stay audit ready with an added layer of protection to your dealership.

Using Enhanced Compliance Storage:

  • Gives you the ability to upload all deal documents to one secure location
  • Protects and securely stores personal identifiable information (PII)
  • Retains and allows access to documents for state-mandated amount of time
Every deal. Every document. All secure.

All Dealertrack Compliance long term storage includes storage for 5 years in all states and 7 years in California

Storage with Dealertrack Compliance

System-generated documents that are automatically stored:

NEW! Add-on feature

Storage with Dealertrack Compliance PLUS Enhanced Compliance Storage

Storage of all docs listed above, plus:

Upload deal files directly into storage from your computer or scan a QR Code with your device camera



Storage Capacity

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