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Unlock the Data
Within Your Dealership

Game-changing access to the insights that drive real profitability.

Access to data has never been more critical.

Critical Analytics cuts through the noise so you can take action and stay ahead.

At a time when sales, service, and back-office operations depend on data insights from your DMS at any given moment, having the right information right when you need it can mean the difference between thriving and just surviving.

Top Features

Role-specific Dashboards

Aggregate key insights from multiple reports into a single view for quick action.

Flexible Roll-up Reporting

View insights from multiple departments and rooftops for faster accounting.

Sales to Accounting Reporting

Easily reconcile back-office information with the General Ledger for faster, more efficient accounting.

Automated General Ledger Account Mapping

Setup and implementation are simplified to ensure accurate mapping and security.

Master Market Conditions

Faster data analytics and role-specific dashboards improve overall business performance and maximize profitability.

Meet and Exceed Targets

Stay on track with flexible, easy-to-review reports, group summaries, and efficient, multi-location options.

Empower Your Accounting Team

Save time and eliminate manually compiled reporting with automated General Ledger Account Mapping and fully integrated DMS data.

Fuel Employee Performance

Streamlined reporting consolidates key insights to provide the metrics that matter most.

Turn Insights into Action and start harnessing the data from within your DMS with Critical Analytics.

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