Drive to Success: Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility Strategies for 2020

As your dealership builds its strategy for the new year and plans a solid strategy for a successful and profitable future, don’t neglect the impact that a healthy and robust Corporate Social Responsibility Program can have on your company. In fact, CSR programs can positively influence your culture, attract new hires, and keep your best team members from jumping ship. Read more:

1 – Corporate Social Responsibility: Benefits for Business and Community

Future Directions: It’s not just technology and industry that are changing rapidly. Consumers’ expectations of corporate responsibility are impacting the way people choose to spend their money.

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2 – Building Corporate Citizenship Programs that Attract Top Talent

Insurance Journal: Your company’s “corporate citizenship” is an important part of your brand strategy—at least it should be. Giving back to your community and making a positive impact are at the top of the list for job seekers today.

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3 – Top 10 Companies with Best Corporate Responsibility Records

Industry Week: Do you know how your company ranks when it comes to its impact on the environment, climate change, employee relations, and more? Read the results of the 19th annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List and see how your dealership compares.

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4 – How Corporate Social Responsibility Improves Company Culture

USA Today: Corporate responsibility benefits the world at large, as well as the local, immediate community. But, it turns out, a dedicated CSR program also directly improves your company culture, too.

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5 – Sustainability Solutions to Shape Your 2020

Elevate Limited: As your dealership plans its 2020 budget and strategy, are you building a long-term sustainability program that will benefit your company culture, the environment, and the world at large?

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