Drive to Success: Dealers Go Social to Connect with Buyers

With dealers adopting new digital tools and services during the pandemic, a new virtual model of the dealership was born. But, the pandemic not only shifted the way dealers and their staff catered to the needs of buyers. It created a unique opportunity for connection. And connection, in these strange times, is more important than ever. With powerful social media tools, dealers have a platform to reach out to, connect, and deliver to their consumers like never before.

1 – Best Practices for Engaging Customers Through Social Media A smart social media presence can help you foster connections, earn consumer trust, and provide up-to-date information for a smooth digital experience with your dealership. There’s never been a better time to connect—digitally, of course!

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2 – Find More Opportunities from Facebook

VinSolutions: Are you connecting with your buyers on Facebook? According to data, 61% of messaging app users have connected with a business in the last three months. You may be missing out on a unique opportunity to reach up to 250 million people using these services, daily.

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3 – COVID-era Car Buying Habits Here to Stay

Auto News: The car-buying process will always have consumers who prefer to buy in-person. But the initial step of the shopping process moved online well before the pandemic. Social media targeting can help your sales team locate new leads.

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4 – Autotrader Shows Car Shoppers the Ease of Online Car Shopping in New “Dealer Chats” Campaign

Digital Dealer: When Autotrader launched the “Dealer Chats” commercial in the peak of the pandemic, they were literally moving the dealership showroom into the living room. Learn how this move has revolutionized the car-shopping process.

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5 – How auto dealers can maximize the digital car buying experience for both new and used vehicles – Randy Kobat, Cox Automotive

CBT News: As dealers prepared for the first-ever virtual NADA conference, data showed that 90% of dealers believed that the online, digital dealership was here to stay. With social tools helping dealers meet across the country for the annual conference, buyers shopping in virtual showrooms, and everything changing in between, they weren’t wrong.

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