Technology Alone Won’t Drive Profits

Automotive dealerships do more than sell fast, shiny cars to eager customers. When it comes to adopting technologies to improve workflows, reach new customers, and do just about anything and everything, dealers are pretty “tech savvy.” But, at what point are your systems and programmable platforms doing less to help, and more to hinder, your business?

It turns out, dealers’ are using nearly 7 software technologies to run their businesses. When it comes to the technology within your auto dealership—who’s really in control? Before you add another system to the mix, consider the following tips:

First, who owns the management of your technology systems?
Does your dealership have an IT Operations team? Are you paying a staff member to monitor a server on your premises, or does all of your important information and data (you know, like customer credit cards, contact information, forms for financing, etc.) get stored in the cloud? Would you like to take on this responsibility—because it is a full-time job—or would you like to continue to focus on meeting the needs of your customers?

Second, are there any expensive technologies you’re currently paying for that aren’t being used?
Ask yourself if you’re paying for specific licenses or user-access fees for roles and positions within the dealership that no longer exist. Or, are there any that could be easily outsourced? Did you have to sign an expensive contract for a service that is currently collecting dust? If so, you might not need another tool.

Third, do any of your systems have impossible learning curves?
If this is the case, consider this: it’s probably costing you more than you think. Hard-to-learn tools and systems drive away potential candidates and keep current employees from reaching their full potential.

Fourth, have you read the fine print on your contracts?
If you need a complicated turnover plan to shift roles, logins, legacy contract information, and more to the next-in-line, you might be in for a surprise. Not everyone can access a system that was purchased by a previous team member without complications.

The biggest lesson frequent technology adoption should teach everyone is that teamwork is key to driving higher ROI. To learn more, and discover greater insights—in detail—get your copy of the guide, The Auto Dealers’ Technology ROI Guide.

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