3 Ways Easy-to-Learn Technology is Good For Your Business

Technology changes every day and, often, businesses have a difficult time keeping up. When your dealership falls behind the technology curve, it’s painfully obvious. Auto dealers, famously, tend to hang onto old technology. While staying put and “making do” with outdated technology is very common, it doesn’t have to be that way. Adopting a Dealer Management System (DMS) that is designed to be easy-to-learn is good for you, your business, and your team. Here are three surprising impacts of implementing easy-to-learn technology at your dealership.

Faster Onboarding Time

According to one study, it can take up to eight months for your fresh new hires to reach productivity. How many lost sales are walking out the door during that time frame? When your dealership runs on a DMS that is easier to dive into, more intuitive, and that doesn’t require endless memorization, you can rest assured that your team can go from “personnel to professional,” faster.

Hire for the Skills You Want

Dealership turnover reached an overall high at 46% recently, causing many employers to hire based solely on DMS experience to reduce the amount of training required. The problem? Your customer experience will begin to suffer if your staff is chosen based on a skillset that has nothing to do with them. However, bringing in an employee who matches the culture of your dealership, who can learn your DMS, and who is likely to grow with your team in the long term, is a valuable asset.

Engaged Employees Want to be Developed

The workforce is changing as more millennials enter the job market every year. This group of smart, digital natives are eager to learn and happy to work in an exciting industry. And at the top of their list of needs? You guessed it: professional development. In fact, 87% of millennials cited professional development as their top need—above time off and compensation—when looking for a career. If your DMS doesn’t offer continued learning options and a community where they can continue to develop their skills, you will lose them.

While choosing a new DMS is certainly a big decision, finding one that your team can learn without a struggle can help everyone in so many ways. Your new hires can quickly get up-to-speed faster while your hiring managers can recruit for the skills that match your company’s mission and goals. Plus, as your sales people, managers, and team members become more engaged, everyone wins. Watch the video below to see how an easy-to-learn DMS made the decision even easier for these real-life dealerships.


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