Payoff and Title Release

Navigate your payoff process with ease, while quickly moving your customers through the trade-in process on new applications,
as well as gain access to insights into title details, reliable payoff amounts, and a more streamlined payoff and title release process.

Improve Workflows

Gain the ability to partner with a growing network of lenders to obtain and speed your payoff and title release process. Save payoff quotes in the system after you pull them, and gain 24/7 access to key details around each quote, updated in real-time.

Gain Insights

Access your quotes time and again with key quote details conveniently displayed on one screen, as well as view full title details ahead of time to safeguard against payoff surprises on trades.

Increase Accuracy

Access accurate payoff amounts specific to a date of your choosing, and 24/7 tracking and reporting updated in real-time.

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Payoff Quotes

Quickly move customers through the trade-in process when working on a new application.

With Dealertrack uniFI® , it’s simpler than ever to obtain a payoff quote on your trade-in vehicles, and gain lender responses in real-time. All payoff quotes are now saved in the system after you pull them, with 24/7 access to key details around each quote, conveniently displayed for you on one screen, reducing the need for status update calls or having to re-pull quotes.

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Accelerated Title

Increase your confidence when taking in vehicles on trade.

Keep your trade-in deals moving and cash flowing with an improved process that helps you overcome delays in title receipt, avoid incorrect payoffs, speed inventory turn on your lot and at auction, and access real-time status tracking and reporting.

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Faster payoff and title release. Streamline your process from weeks to days.

*Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, as determined by Dealertrack data.


Growth in lender adoption over four years.

*Based on Dealertrack internal data comparing lender subscriptions from 2015 through 2019.

Lenders on Accelerated Title

Lenders on Accelerated Title

More lenders onboard, mean more opportunities for you to use it. See the current list of lenders who help you turn trade-in titles in as fast as 4-6 days.

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Interested in faster title release?

Learn how you can leverage Accelerated Title to bring breakthrough efficiency, accuracy and simplicity to the title release and vehicle payoff process.

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Faster title release with faster funding is a winning combination for your dealership, saving you time and money.

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