Local Agent – RegUSA Resource Hub – V2

How to set up Local Agent to provide security and allow printing

Help minimize the time you spend re-keying deal information in the back end by connecting your DMS to RegUSA.
If your DMS integrates with RegUSA, make sure admin installs Local Agent to help it sync. Local Agent allows you to pull deal information from the DMS into RegUSA and it runs securely without any special Java requirements.

Follow these steps to see how.

Install Local Agent

  1. Login to RegUSA and select Utilities
  2. Below Local Agent select Install
  3. Click Install Now
  4. Run Installer and follow prompts during install until completed

Get Codes (Pass & User)

  1. In the bottom task bar on your PC, Open the Hidden Icons (this is the upward arrow in the bottom right corner)
  2. Right Click on the Dealertrack Logo
  3. Hover over Agent
  4. Select Set Pass Code
  5. Enter Unique Code of your choice (min. 5 characters)
  6. Click OK
Repeat steps 1–3 and select Get User Code and Pass Code
  1. A call out appears with the Pass Code you created and a User Code – write both down

Sync Local Agent to Your Browser

  1. Login to Enhanced RegUSA and select Utilities
  2. Below Local Agent select Setup
  3. Select Enable
  4. Enter Codes into the appropriate fields On Screen
  5. Select Sync

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