Electronic Lien and Title


Comprehensive, web-based ELT.
Improve title processing with technology that creates greater collateral management efficiency.


Increase productivity by eliminating multiple touchpoints, and reduce title release complexity through electronic lien satisfaction.


Our comprehensive ELT solution manages data exchange between the lienholder and the participating state DMV, and also helps perfect title information.


The efficiencies of ELT help lower instances of fraud with paperless titles and improve customer/dealer satisfaction.

Title Management - Electronic Lien and Title

Electronic Lien and Title

Leaders in the field

Beginning with California in 1989, we have been and remain leader and technology innovator in implementing ELT. We work closely with legislators and state DMVs to stay at the forefront of new initiatives and requirements that help our partners stay in compliance state-by-state.

Dealertrack ELT Endorsements

We support more than 6,500+ lenders nationwide, and are endorsed by several key state banking and credit union associations. That enables us to work with member banks throughout the nation.

“The one-stop-shopping factor is what is most beneficial for me. I have a lot of years handling title work for numerous states and though I could accomplish it all manually, having CMS at hand to keep all the different states and types of titles organized is well worth the cost.”

– Kara Sellers, Berkshire Bank


Gain a faster payoff and title release process to streamline the title release workflow.

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