Avoid the DIY-DMS with a True Partner

It’s easy to assume technology is everything. It’s critically important. And in the last year and a half, dealers like you leveraged technology, processes, and data to accomplish the impossible. In fact, even during the pandemic, buyer satisfaction rates improved.

But, you know (and your people do too) that technology without a human touch leaves your buyers wanting. On top of that, standing up a new system on your own makes everybody’s life miserable. Your team suffers. Your productivity dwindles. Yet, such is the cost of forward progress, right?

Or is it?

Shiny Bells and Whistles

New technology is enticing. And there’s a reason for that. Your buyers’ habits are constantly changing. And you want to be ready to meet their needs. According to a report, 84% of franchise dealers expect to increase sales in 2021. So there’s a better than average chance you’re already scoping out your next tool or system. Yet, often, dealers face a new technology upgrade with little to no support from their vendors. Tracy Fred, Vice President of Dealer Sales and Service Solutions for Cox Automotive said in this recent interview, “With the convergence of technology, processes, and data, dealers are left to figure it out on their own in most cases. It’s difficult to do that in a silo.” That’s unfortunate. A DMS transition impacts everyone at your dealership. When it comes to people, process, and data, “You need people who can help you connect those three things. That’s why Dealertrack has a team of Performance Managers.”

A Partner in Your Corner

Gaining consensus for a new DMS can be a battle on its own. So, dealers are ready to move on and get back to business once they’ve made the decision to transition. But, without a true partner in your corner, you may be walking into a new set of issues such as training, adapting to new workflows, and overcoming objections. And often, it’s the little things you weren’t prepared for that can derail a new tech transition. According to seasoned Performance Manager, Mike Panozzo, “Yes, you’re changing technologies, but it’s about more than that.” Outlined in his Four Steps for a DMS Transition, Panozzo explains that a new DMS is really a new mindset shift that, many times, dealer partners are unprepared for. That’s why having a Performance Manager, who can take on change management challenges like turning dissenters into advocates, can make a huge difference. Training new management as you hire and turn over team members over time is also a key benefit to having an ongoing partnership.

Connecting the Pieces

The long journey to success is filled with twists and turns. It’s also filled with new partnerships, integrations, and adaptations. As your business grows, you’re going to find ‘flexibility’ is your greatest strength. With an average of 10+ years in dealership management under their belt, each Performance Manager at Cox Automotive has been in your shoes. They know where you’re coming from. And their sole job is to learn where you’re headed—and to help you get there. With over 160 approved Opentrack vendors who work with Dealertrack DMS, unlocking the data within your dealership and integrating new technology helps you remain flexible and adaptable. With deep knowledge of how the DMS operates and functions, your Performance Manager helps you manage each integration.

As you adapt to new digital trends, your DMS helps analyze data and aligns business goals with changing customer wants and needs. And although modern DMS technology is much easier to use and much more intuitive than it used to be, it helps to have someone in your corner. Someone to deliver training, offer feedback on areas of opportunity and share tips and tricks that go well beyond traditional tech support. Your Performance Manager is that trusted partner. They’ve been there. Managing metrics, aligning key business objectives, and crafting that superior, personalized experience for your customers is in their very nature.

Your Performance Manager is invested in your success. As your dealership looks to the future—no matter what challenges are in store—they’re prepared to meet them. And they have unique insights that can help you leverage the DMS to achieve higher sales. Discover the 6 ways your DMS is a true profit driver in The Dealer’s Guide to Maximizing Profit with the Right DMS Partner.



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