Drive to Success: Build a Solid Customer Advocacy Strategy And Win

Every automotive dealership is going to do what it can to offer great deals and customer service today. It simply has to. But, there’s more that can be done to set your dealership apart. Consumers are demanding more from their retailers, and the payoff is huge: extreme loyalty, advocacy, repeat business, word of mouth, and more await the dealerships willing to invest the time and effort to build customer advocacy programs. And your buyers are ready; the reward is just as profitable for them. This symbiosis of dealer-to-advocate is built on trust, technology, data, and effort. Read more:

1 – 3 Benefits of a Successful Customer Advocacy Program

Hireology: Customer advocacy programs do more than reward your very best, most loyal customers. They should help grow your business and help improve the products you offer. It’s basically a win-win for everyone involved.

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2 – VinSolutions Invests in Connect Automotive Intelligence to Ensure Dealers Know Their Customers

PR NewsWire: Automotive dealers aren’t hurting for information about their customers. They’re drowning in it. So, how can dealers put it to good use? VinSolutions has a plan for putting all that data to use and improving customer engagement online.

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3 – What Will Customer Advocacy Look Like in 3 Years?

HubSpot: Here’s a ton of research that suggests, unsurprisingly, the best customer advocacy plans are customer-focused. Obviously there’s more to it than that, and the way car buyers shop is changing—which is why it’s more important than ever to build your plan.

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4 – 3 Essentials for Building a Loyal Customer Base

MySanAntonio: Your buyers have the ability to shop anywhere, at any time, with information at their fingertips. Yet, according to research, 90% of buyers consider themselves to be very loyal. This is your chance to build a loyal customer base!

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5 – How 12 Brands Created and Sustained Long-term Customer Equity

MyCustomer: You’re great at selling to your customers. But, can you identify a potential fan? How about a superfan? Here’s a look at 12 brands who used innovative tactics to bring out the rabid loyalists in their fanbase.

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