Drive to Success: Build Customer Advocacy at Your Dealership

What’s really driving business at your auto dealership? Fantastic salespeople? Great deals? What about reviews, word of mouth, and online testimonials of your biggest supporters and advocates? If you’re not paying attention to that last one—which can influence nearly 50% of the decision on where to buy—you’re not keeping up. Customer advocacy, the deliberate customer-focused attention, service, and marketing techniques designed to retain people beyond an initial sale, will influence your future buyers. That is, if you do it right. Read more:

1 – Why Customer Advocacy Should Be at the Heart of Your Marketing

Marketing Insider Group: Your customers want to be part of something bigger. So, bring them in and give them access, build a tribe, and nurture this exclusive community. Once you do, they’ll return the favor with overwhelming loyalty.

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2 – 5 Foolproof Tactics to Create Strong Customer Advocates

Duct Tape Marketing: Even if you have a great product your potential customers are going to validate your brand with a quick visit online to the reviews section of your website. Blog, forums, community posts, and social media will further prove whether or not your dealership is worth a visit. Make sure you’re being proactive about your reputation by nurturing your community of supporters with these steps.

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3 – Customer Advocacy: The Revenue-Driving Secret Weapon

Referral Rock: How did some of the world’s biggest brands build communities through customer advocacy campaigns we’re still talking about? Take a cue from giants like Coca-Cola and start personalizing your next big marketing play, for starters.

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4 – Brand Advocacy: The Holy Grail of Marketing

Liquid Agency: Learn how to create authentic relationships with your customer advocates and build your brand reach beyond the sales floor. You have the ability to do so much more when you enlist your biggest fans and reward them with perks and programs they’ll love.

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5 – How to Turn Social Media Mistakes Into Customer Advocacy

Dealer Marketing: Your dealership’s reputation is important, and you work hard to build trust with your customers. Everyone makes mistakes (everyone), and it’s best to plan for how to deal with a social media faux-pas now—and how to use it to your advantage—before the inevitable happens. Good news? Customers appreciate honest, human brands who own-up to mistakes.

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