Drive to Success: Dealership Sales Strategy

The way consumers buy vehicles is changing. And, dealerships are finding new ways to adjust to their customers’ shifting preferences. Through an increased focus on digital sales, social media, and community involvement, dealerships are finding creative ways to make the sales process a more enjoyable and profitable experience.

1 – Use Data to Drive Sales

DrivingSales: A shift in consumer behavior has forced dealerships to have more of a digital presence in the sales process. Having a strong digital presence can increase customer engagement with a dealership’s brand, but it extends beyond just having a website. Dealerships should utilize customer service records, social media, email, and other data to gain additional consumer insight.

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2 – Marketing Strategy for Small Town Dealerships

CBT Automotive Network: Small towns face different challenges than larger cities when it comes to car sales. In small towns, many traditional selling tactics can be ineffective, and an emphasis on building relationships is key to a successful strategy. To improve community relationships, dealerships should focus on providing customers with the products they want with an attention to service, detail, and customer engagement throughout the sales process.

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3 – 10 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

V12 Data: Car buyers now rank social networks as more important than dealership website when choosing where to buy a car. Dealerships need to be fully engaged on social media platforms, including targeting customers on Facebook, advertising on Twitter with keywords, and marketing to Millennials on Instagram.

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4 – Free Services Boost Customer-Pay Work

Automotive News: Offering free services like flat-tire repair, windshield-chip repair, and state inspection services can increase repair sales and customer loyalty. This strategy provides free services to the customer that are inexpensive for the dealership while also boosting sales in other service and customer-pay work.

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5 – 6 Ways to Win Tech-Savvy Used-Car Buyers

Auto Dealer Today: Today’s consumers spend an average of 14 hours doing research before buying a pre-owned car. In fact, many customers are more informed about their purchases than salespeople. And, 99% of buyers now expect the sales process to be a hassle. By aligning the sales process with the way customers want to shop, dealerships can create a more enjoyable sales experience and attract more customers.

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Check back next week for another Drive to Success: Dealership Sales Strategies. You will learn more about improving your dealership’s social media strategy.

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