Drive to Success: Digital Retailing for Dealers 101

Automotive dealers looking to battle margin compression, reach more customers, and grow their online presence must optimize their digital retailing strategy. But what exactly is digital retailing, and what is the best method for implementing your digital retailing plan? With the majority of today’s car buyers beginning their search for their next vehicle online, it pays to ensure your dealership’s plan is optimized, ready, and really, really fabulous. Read more:

1 – So You Bought a Digital Retail Solution. Now What?

Cox Automotive: So you dove in and bought a digital retail solution, congratulations! Here are a few best practices for building a solid strategy for implementation.

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2 – Digital Retailing: Let’s Talk About F&I

Digital Dealer: Is a focus on digital retailing actually a race to the bottom? Or, can dealers still rely on face-to-face interactions while simultaneously boosting sales, leads, and technology to improve the customer experience?

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3 – How Digital is Changing the Automotive Customer Experience

Marketing Week: An innovative approach to the customer experience, and the impact of the “Amazon Effect” is shifting the way auto manufacturers and retailers approach the market.

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4 – For Auto Dealers, What Exactly Is Digital Retailing?

Wards Auto: Digital retailing is one part mindset and one part technology for today’s auto dealers. Building a personalized shopping experience is now the norm, not the exception, and there are many tools to help you get there.

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5 – The Importance of a Dealership’s Unique Digital Retailing Process

Publisher Bold: Every dealership’s approach to digital retailing is going to be unique. Discover why that is actually a good thing, why the customer-centric approach to selling cars is changing everything, and where to get started.

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