Drive to Success: Dreaming of Big Data in the Auto Industry

The automotive business changes fast, and technology even faster. But leaving it all up to chance is just risky. With technology integrating into every step of the buying and selling process, and with more ways to measure the habits of today’s consumers, Big Data should be the driving force behind your next move. Here’s a look at how data-driven dealers are making use of all the available information:

1 – How to Be a Data-Driven Dealer

Experian: Conquering the market is easier when you have the facts in a simple, visual format. Learn five steps to becoming a data-driven dealer and set your business up for success.

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2 – Cox Automotive Industry Update Report: June 2019

Cox Automotive: Get multifaceted insights into the marketplace with this comprehensive report from Cox Automotive. This report provides an overview of economic indicators, supply, demand, credit and other vital topics and trends affecting the industry.

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3 – Data is the Auto Industry’s Quiet Driving Force

CapGemini: Perhaps the most important side-effect of today’s modern mobility trends is the all-encompassing user data generated at each and every turn. All of this information is helping the automotive industry learn how you drive, where you shop, and what you buy.

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4 – Diverse New Data Drives The Intelligent Enterprise Automotive Company

Digital List Magazine: Utilizing and understanding data is important to meeting the needs of your auto business and today’s buyers. And with technology changing at a rapid pace it’s now possible to measure analytics on a grand scale. Here are three new, innovative ways to tap into your data.

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5 – Chasing the Data Storm

Automotive News: Applications of tech-connected cars range, potentially, from convenient shopping to live-saving. And brands are taking notice. However, with a world of possibilities at the proverbial wheel, everything hinges on drivers’ willingness to share access to their data.

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