Drive to Success: Keeping an Efficient Service Lane

In an age of slimming profits and increased competition, having an efficient service lane is more important than ever. Whether competing with quick service shops or finding ways to synergize sales and service efforts, dealerships can improve retention and appeal to new customers through their service lanes.

1 – Navigating the Quick Service Obstacle Course

Automotive News: Competing with quick service lanes can be a great way to increase profits. But run improperly, a service lane is more likely to add unnecessary expenses and frustrate customers. Quick lube shops are not like regular service bays. And dealerships that venture into this arena usually have trouble competing with time, not necessarily price. By creating an efficient process for servicing cars, including having the right balance of people and products on hand, dealerships can find success and boost customer retention.

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2 –How You Can Generate Synergy Between Sales and Service

Dealer Marketing: Dealership service departments engage with more customers on a daily basis, sometimes more often than showroom sales personnel. With a cross-departmental approach between sales and service, service lane managers can meet with customers to talk about aftermarket products like vehicle service contracts, tire and wheel packages, prepaid maintenance, and more. Taking the time to educate customers about these products increases profits, reinforces retention, and helps customers protect their investment.

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3 – How to Entice More Service Drive Customers with Targeted Messages

CBT Automotive Network: Creating service lane coupons targeted at specific customers can increase traffic to dealerships. And the trick is to make the right offer to the right people for the right reason. For example, creating coupons (sent via email) that address customer fears, worries, and frustrations over past bad experiences with other car repair shops can entice people to buy safety, reliability, and peace of mind from a dealership.

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4 – Customers in the Service Lane 2.0

Digital Dealer: With increased industry competition and slimmer profit margins, dealerships are turning to service lanes to make money. And new technologies offer new opportunities to enhance performance and customer satisfaction in the service drive. As an example, by engaging customers with media, they’re comfortable using (such as a tablet) during the repair process, dealerships can clarify repair information and improve customer confidence.

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5 – Living in the Fast (Service) Lane Has Big Rewards, Risk

Automotive News: Quick service operations provide opportunities for big-ticket maintenance repair work and parts sales. And done right, a quick service station can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. These operations are becoming a more prominent part of a successful dealership, allowing dealerships to retain existing customers and meet new ones they’ve never seen. The quick service revolution for dealerships is just beginning.

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