Drive to Success: Key Strategies for Better Talent Acquisition

Building the best team at your dealership is fundamental to your goals and strategy. Yet, dealerships often struggle to find, retain, and engage top talent. Recently, the 2019 Dealership Staffing Study from Cox Automotive shed light on the many factors impacting the talent acquisition and retention within the industry. Along with this report, the data gathered from top teams looks into the steps you can take to make a positive impact. Read more:

1 – 4 Essential Takeaways from Cox Automotive’s Latest Dealership Staffing Study

CBT Automotive Network: After surveying 1200 dealership professionals, the team at Cox Automotive discovered that stellar onboarding experiences, flexibility (for younger workers), and two other key factors are the make-it-or-break-it must-have’s when it comes to staffing.

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2 – Top Tips: Attract Better Job Seekers By Building A Candidate Persona

Human Resources Online: Before you begin searching for your next new hire, start by picturing your dream candidate. What qualities and skills do they have that would best fit your dealership?

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3 – 3 Factors Strongly Linked to Better Employee Retention, According to 32 Million LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn: Taking a look at 32 million LinkedIn profiles reveals that there’s a 76% chance of an employee staying at your company within a year. The odds after that are much lower after that. Check out what factors into increased retention.

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4 – Talent Acquisition: HR’s Guide For Finding the Best Talent

HR Exchange Network: Ready to hire smarter? Learn to build an actual framework that will help your dealership succeed.

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5 – Is Your Dealership Winning The War For Talent?

XTime: When your employees are truly engaged at work, they give more than what’s required. Are you winning the hearts and minds of your dealership staff?

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