Drive to Success: Managing Change in the Dealership

From implementing new technology to adjusting company culture, managing change in the dealership is difficult. Because change is usually met with at least a little resistance from employees, it’s important to have a change management plan in place to avoid downtime and potential lost profits.

1 – 7 Steps to Plan Technological Change Management

Dealer Marketing: Implementing new technology at a dealership can make data collection easier, improve insights into customer data, and help integrate sales, service, and inventory acquisition. But without a change management plan, launching new technology at a dealership can be difficult.

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2 – Why Salespeople Resist Change and What to Do About It

CBT Automotive Network: Technology changes at a dealership can be especially hard on salespeople. This is usually based on fears that new technology will interfere with the sales process and affect commissions. But for a change initiative as significant as implementing new technology to be successful, dealerships must get buy-in from the sales team. And it starts by involving the sales team early in the change process.

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3 – It’s Time to Rethink Hiring

Automotive News: Dealerships need to rethink the hiring process and redefine job descriptions for the digital age. As the proliferation of technology continues to impact the auto retail industry, dealerships will have to adapt to create new jobs in order to offer customers faster, better service, and take full advantage of available technology.

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4 – 3 Tips on Managing Change to Achieve a Positive Dealership Culture & Make More Money

LinkedIn: Whether it’s installing new technology, downsizing, restructuring, or transforming a company’s culture, change generates resistance and strikes fear into people’s hearts. But organizational change can lead to an improved culture in the workplace by following a few simple steps.

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5 – When to Change Your DMS Provider

CBT Automotive Network: Changing DMS providers is a big undertaking. But when dealerships get to the point where they are being charged for unused services or putting up with slow-down and other inefficiencies, it’s probably time to make a switch. Still, dealerships should plan for the change by carefully evaluating the current automotive market, creating a must-have list of services, and mapping out the installation process.

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Check back next week for another Drive to Success: Improving Digital Retailing Processes. You will learn the benefits of digital retailing and how to handle changes in customer trends.

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