Drive to Success: Technology and Your Lifelong Customers

When it comes to dealership success factors, size matters. In fact, small to mid-sized dealers are frequently selling to larger dealer groups at a higher rate each year (according to some sources). Yet, access to technology, strong customer service strategy, and loyalty programs are leveling the playing field. This kind of disruption—both digital and native—is working in the customers’ favor, as well as the dealers. Building a more positive, unique, and engaging experience is something your dealership can do regardless of size. And technology can be harnessed to reach customers faster, farther, and in new ways if you’re willing to learn. Read more:

1 – Dealership Success Relies on Tech & Customer Service

Auto Success Online: While large automotive franchises enjoy the advantage of size and scale over their smaller competitors, technology is leaving plenty of room for disruption.

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2 – Revealed: 4 Customer Retention Tricks You Need to Know

Business Online: Trust goes a long way in building your core customer base. Do you know the 80/20 theory? If your dealership employs a customer engagement strategy that focuses on loyalty programs, long-term relationships, and return visits, you can expect to see 80% of your sales coming from repeat customers…at least that’s the theory.

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3 – 3 Ways to Turn New Customers into Loyal Customers

Skybridge Americas: Never underestimate the power of a customer save strategy. When your customers feel “let down,” you risk losing them, their network, and anyone who reads online reviews. Bad news? Lots of people read online reviews.

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4 – “5 Ways To Create a Wow! Customer Experience” With Mihaela Akers of Build Up Lab

Authority Magazine: Outstanding customer experience leads to higher profits, and companies with loyal customers grow their profits 2.5 times faster than the competition. It all starts with how you make your customer feel.

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5 – How the Customer Onboarding Process Helps Retain Loyal Customers

Sales Pop: Just because you made the sale doesn’t mean your customer feels like the experience was a good value. Consider the long process and paperwork every car buyers must go through before they can take their new purchase home. What can you do to make them want to come back?

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