DSES 2017: Data Security for Today’s Dealerships

Kai Nielsen, Director of Strategy and Business Operations, will be joined by Erik Nachbahr, President of Helion Automotive Technologies, at the 2017 DrivingSales Executive Summit. Their workshop, “Data Security for Today’s Dealerships,” will begin at 2:55 P.M. on October 23rd. 

Putting simple policies and procedures in place to protect your dealership data should be top of mind. Hackers want to directly access your money, and important client information, and they are able to do so more often than you think.

Download our guide, “Cloud Cover,” to learn more about the security advantages of a cloud-based DMS

At the 2017 DrivingSales Executive Summit, Kai Nielsen and Erik Nachbahr will host a workshop to help you identify security related incidents. They will also offer proactive tips to implement in your dealership that will reduce the risk of data loss.

Here is a preview of what they will be discussing:

Join Kai Nielsen and Erik Nachbahr at the 2017 DrivingSales Executive Summit to learn more about data security. 

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