Five Tips Before Rolling Out Payroll Powered by Netchex

New technology within your dealership has the potential to harness your data and unlock powerful insights that improve your business. And as your dealership grows, you’ll likely experience several key technology transitions that help you achieve these goals. Organizing your data, building insightful reports, managing payroll and time attendance, the essential list of responsibilities that your HR team manages goes on. Dealertrack DMS has partnered with the experts at Hireology to provide an integrated solution that offers a full suite of human resources tools and payroll powered by Netchex. Here are the five things your dealership should know before you transition to this new technology.

1 – Prepare

In 2021, Dealertrack DMS will sunset our legacy Payroll system and help our dealer partners as they transition to new options. One of the key benefits of Dealertrack DMS is our open system which allows dealers to use third party vendors of their choice. As we roll out a new, integrated Payroll powered by the experts at Netchex, dealers will have the option of using an advanced Payroll system that performs through their DMS. In order to prepare, Performance Manager Mark Gabriella recommends that dealership controllers and accounting get their employee payroll master up-to-date.

2 – Set up

Implementing a new technology within the dealership—and one that impacts your human resources, payroll, and accounting—is a big deal. Before, during, and after the transition, Gabriella suggests dealers schedule weekly meetings with your contact at Netchex.

3 – Communicate Internally

In addition to weekly status meetings with your vendor, holding regular internal meetings, sending status updates via messaging boards and weekly emails, and keeping an open-door policy at the office are key. “Making sure you’re in constant communication with your employees is important in any transition,” Gabriella points out.

4 – Set Expectations

On that note, setting expectations for your staff can lift the uneasy feeling that comes with a technology transition. “If you don’t know, then ask. There are no stupid questions,” Gabriella points out. Let your staff ask questions, ask for more training, and set up time for discovery to ensure that everyone has a clear roadmap before them.

5 – Your Performance Managers Are Here For You

Finally, just like a new DMS transition, “there’s always a small valley of despair. As employees become more proficient with the technology, it gets better,” Gabriella states. And, he notes, “the Performance Managers can provide a bridge over that valley.” Dealers have the added benefit of having a Performance Manager in their corner to ensure the transition is a success.

Dealertrack DMS has partnered with the experts at Hireology to provide your dealership with a comprehensive human capital management system, with payroll processing and human resources powered by Netchex. Learn more here.

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