Unlock Better Customer Experiences with a Solid DMS

Consumers have high expectations. Month after month of low inventory, high prices, or high interest rates have given dealers like you an opportunity to step up and be their hero. When you deliver a positive buying experience you can help them overcome some of those frustrations. According to a recent Salesforce survey, 88% of consumers said their experience matters as much as a company’s products or services.¹ Here’s why investing in a high-performing dealer management system (DMS) is more than just a smart move.

Data Continuity and Your DMS

Your DMS is a data powerhouse. A better-integrated solution reduces manual data entry time by pre-filling forms for your customer. Integrated deal processes mean car buyers spend less time at your dealership and reduce the need to re-key customer information multiple times. These workflow efficiencies are just the beginning as better data leads to better opportunities to fine-tune how you run every department within your business.

Utilize DMS Data to Optimize and Improve Workflows

Your DMS holds the key to unlocking business improvements with its ability to track, optimize, and improve the performance of your team. More than simply a giant data repository, your DMS offers insights via reports and metrics like your gross profit as a percentage of sales. When aiming for process and profitability improvements, tracking small improvements can indicate underperforming departments and identify key opportunities for improvements that add up.

Efficient Workflows Make Everyone’s Experience Better

When your DMS is flexible and easy to use, your team can spend less time re-keying data and memorizing codes and more time delivering the next-level customer experience your dealership prides itself on. You’ve probably seen what complicated technology can do to a frustrated team member—new hire or veteran. Bottom line: when you put the focus on the person who needs your assistance, your salespeople tend to shine.

Many DMS technologies are designed to work well on their own. A DMS that improves your entire operation from the back office to the showroom, to HR, finance, and fixed operations through streamlined integrations can deliver the smooth dealership experience that customers expect today.

Driving operational shifts may sound like a tall order, but when you begin with the fundamentals—diving into your data, focusing on the team players, and improving your gameplay—you can deliver the experience your customers are seeking. Your DMS is the one technology you simply can’t overlook when considering what and where to focus within your organization. To learn more, check out this guide: Drive Success with Key Operational Shifts: Smart changes can lead to big dealership wins.


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