How to Know What Your Customers Want

Apple founder and famous tech giant, Steve Jobs, famously said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Throughout his career, he derided customer data and…

Drive to Success: Keeping Customers Satisfied

Customer satisfaction is more than a new year trend. Focusing on your customers’ expectations will help your dealership gain loyal shoppers, attract the new generation of car buyers, and stay up-to-date with trends that can increase your sales. In the end, keeping your customers satisfied means bigger profits for your dealership.

Drive to Success: Customer Advocacy

Customer advocates are a powerful profit-maximizing tool for your dealership. Loyal customers can be your strongest sales representatives through spreading the word about your dealership’s reputation. Potential customers tend to trust their family and friends the most when deciding where to buy a car. For this reason, your dealership should take any steps necessary to gain more customer advocates and retain loyal customers.

Drive to Success: Retain Customers

Developing customer retention strategies can maximize your dealership’s profits. Dealerships should focus on retaining loyal customers just as much as they focus on acquiring new customers. Loyal customers will communicate the benefits of buying from your dealership within their circle, return when they are ready to purchase a new car, and will bring service to your fixed ops department. 

Celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day at Your Dealership

For your dealership to succeed, it’s crucial to set time aside for customer discovery and communication. With Get to Know Your Customers Day right around the corner, take a holiday from your ordinary tasks and ask yourself these questions to reconnect with the most important part of your business—your customers.