The Dealer Who’s Different Demands a DMS Who Cares

Making the move to a new Dealer Management System requires careful consideration from the stakeholders at your dealership. When evaluating the technology that houses the data driving your business, your entire staff will be affected by making the switch. For the team at Greg Hubler Automotive, who made the switch to a new-to-market DMS in early 2022, the promise of a better experience for both their guests and their people was reason enough to leap into the unknown. However, when the promise from their vendor was under-delivered and their employee morale took a big hit, Matt Lohmiller, VP of Operations, was ready to pull the plug. Greg Hubler Automotive is a different kind of dealer—one who truly values its people and its guests. Here’s their story.

A DMS Partner Who Lives Up to Their Promise

A few months after implementing their new DMS, Lohmiller received feedback from his team that things weren’t on the up and up. “I was going to potentially be losing some team members if we stayed (with the other DMS) …and I couldn’t have that.” Employee retention and satisfaction have always been key components of what makes Greg Hubler unique. While going through multiple DMS switches within several months isn’t ideal, Lohmiller took careful consideration from his team and decided to switch to Dealertrack DMS. After hearing their input, it was clear which direction they wanted to go. “We had to make the change,” he recalls.

A Partner Committed to Their Success

A key benefit of making the switch to Dealertrack DMS was the ability to observe the implementation process first-hand and compare the difference from Greg Hubler’s previous provider. The switch to Dealertrack DMS was more streamlined and the level of support “has been great, all around,” said Lohmiller. “Even after the implementation team has left, we have a Performance Manager we can reach out to any time.”

For the people at Greg Hubler, the difference has been night and day. The change enabled ownership and management to keep their promise of being a different kind of dealer—one that listens to team members cares for customers and prioritizes people.

Looking for a DMS who matches your values? Read Greg Hubler’s full story here. 

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