Drive to Success: Build Customer Service Strategies For Success

Remember when the customer was “King” in the sales industry? Have you ever experienced a truly negative buying experience that left you questioning what went wrong? Purchasing an automobile is a major financial decision—where a considerable amount of money is on the line, emotions are high, and trust is key. It’s in your dealership’s best interest to show up and make a commitment to keep your customers satisfied in the process. And, there are many, many ways to build this crucial step into your process. Read more:

1 – Study: Salespeople Abandon Customers Every 20 Minutes

Auto Dealer Today Magazine: Technology has the potential to speed up the car-buying process. But a recent study revealed your sales team might be leaning too heavily on in-store apps and processes during their interactions with customers. If you’re not establishing trust, your customers’ satisfaction rates could plummet!

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2 – A Fresh Focus on Fixed Ops is Paying Off

Cox Automotive Inc: An increased focus on fixed operations is now contributing to 49% of gross profits at dealerships. That’s huge! Even more important? Car buyers who establish a good relationship with the dealership in the fixed ops department are more likely to return and buy their next car. Read more to discover the actual numbers.

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3 – Is Your Dealership’s Customer Experience Losing You Customers?

v12DATA: Are you aware that 99% of customers (according to a recent survey) are already negatively biased against the car buying experience? Those are really bad odds. What is your plan for turning that around and ensuring that customers enjoy the car-buying experience? What would the end result be if you were successful? More auto sales? More frequent purchases? Just imagine…

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4 – Customer Retention 101: Grow Your Business by Selling More to Current Customers

Shopify: Your retention strategy is an investment in the future. While it may be easier in the short run to seek new business, nurturing relationships and building lifelong customers is the key to growing your business. Here are 5 small steps that lead to big results.

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5 – 5 Steps to Handling a Customer Complaint For all the work your dealership does building your business strategies, developing key focus areas, and maintaining your online presence this year, a simple unpleasant customer interaction could throw it all away. Customer complaints are going to happen in every business, no matter what. So, how prepared is your staff for de-escalating these situations? Do you have a plan? You probably should.

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