Drive to Success: Smart Data Creates A Smart Service Lane Experience

It’s time to get smart about your dealership’s service lane. In particular, optimizing data, being open to change, and revolutionizing the way your team delivers service to your customers are the next big moves in the industry. Rideshare services may have changed the way people use cars, but they’re also adding thousands of miles to the vehicles on the roads which add up to needed service visits for your business. The future of your service lane looks bright. Are you ready?

1 – Ridesharing Services Increase Earning Potential for Automotive Service Centers

CBT News: The popular rideshare service Uber operates an estimated 500,000 rides each day. While this number initially worried auto dealers, the large increase in car mileage, usage, and general wear and tear on vehicles is beginning to translate into a huge surge in general service needs at your service lane. How is your dealership planning to appeal to drivers working for Uber and Lyft in 2019?

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2 – 3 Macro Trends Driving the Automotive Aftermarket Industry & The Outlook to 2020

cerasis: What are the most important trends impacting the repair opportunities for vehicles in 2020? How is vehicle age shifting as OEMs become more integrated with modern technology and the popularity of hybrids and electric cars continues to grow?

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3 – “Usedcarmageddon” is Here, Where’s Your Inventory Development Center (IDC)?

Digital Dealer: According to the 2019 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey, 64% of buyers are considering a used car for their next purchase—and dealer inventories are falling short. Using your service lane as a credible used car source (while your customer is waiting for an oil change) is no longer working, either. It’s time to rethink the entire process.

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4 – Big Data Lets OEMs, Dealers Predict When Vehicles Will Need Service

Auto News: The Internet of Things (IOT) is already inside of our cars, and it’s getting smarter. Connected cars will someday—as Machine Learning (ML) improves and Artificial Intelligence (AI) grows—alert both drivers and service lane professionals before the need for repair arises.

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5 – Selling F&I in Car Dealership Service Lane Pays Off

Wards Auto: Your customers spend more time (in the long run) with your service advisors than they end up spending with your sales team. That’s why experts say your service pros should become brand ambassadors and F&I experts, too. Scheduling extra time to answer questions, share brochures, and advise customers when they return (again and again) for repairs is an easy win.

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