Seven Benefits of Streamlined Service Lane Technology

A streamlined service drive can boost your dealership’s profit potential, make your employees more satisfied with their work, and keep your customers coming back. But redundant data entry and technology systems that don’t connect can have the exact opposite result.

Your Dealer Management System is connected to the data that drives every decision and detail within your business. It helps you determine how well your business is functioning, where to uncover underperforming areas, and shows you how to take action to drive results. So, when your Fixed Operations software, like Xtime, integrates and shares data in both directions with your DMS? Everyone wins!

Dealertrack DMS, backed by the power of Cox Automotive, is designed to fully integrate with a full suite of technology solutions, including Xtime. Here are seven benefits to switching your DMS:

  1. Share Critical Data – The ultimate service experience ends with a happy customer. But it begins with intelligent, connected systems. Together, Dealertrack DMS and Xtime share critical service data between systems that enable an efficient workflow, reduces errors, and drives revenue.
  2. Get Grunt Work Done, Faster – With the ability to edit Repair Orders, writeback parts and labor, and order the parts your customers need in either the DMS or Xtime, your staff can get the job done without having to double-down on the details.
  3. More Opportunity for $$$ – Inventory Stocking Alerts keep your team informed of new revenue opportunities so you can secure high-value vehicles arriving for service.
  4. Reduced Human Error – Manual data entry leads to inaccurate data according to 56% of companies surveyed.
  5. Improved Customer Experience – Speed up customer interactions by reducing the need for rekeying information between Xtime, your DMS, and other systems so you can focus on better customer service.
  6. Build Trust – Even simple tasks become a burden when your DMS isn’t connected to your tools and systems.
  7. Lower Fees – Dealertrack DMS uses Opentrack integration, reducing the cost of your vendor integration fees (by a lot!).

When you streamline your service drive, you win. Your customers and your staff win, also. In fact, the only thing you miss out on are extra steps, manual workflow, duplicate data, and (likely) extra, hidden fees charged by your vendor.

Experience the Unexpected From Your DMS
It’s time the technology at the center of your dealership serves as a catalyst for success.
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